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Law Practice

There are certain kinds of attorneys who continually seek better ways to reach a satisfactory solution.  They look for more creative ways to express themselves, more effective ways to realize their goals, more insightful ways to handle problem-laden situations.

Gregory C. McCarthy represents this caliber of counsel, particularly in the field of tax litigation. When clients as well as other professionals engage Gregory C. McCarthy for the purpose of resolving a tax matter, they know they have turned to an attorney who will get things done in a timely fashion.People rely on McCarthy because he is aware that the stakes may be too high to wait or that procrastination could result in a greater tax liability.  They know that success in tax matters hinges on special expertise as well as swift and thorough service.

Clients and professionals alike are also kindly disposed to pragmatic professionals who can advise them of the point of diminishing return – before fees become exorbitant and much time and energy is consumed on inconsequential matters. Gregory C. McCarthy  offers tighter focus on tax law and IRS procedure and serves as a natural resource for those who find themselves mired in difficult situations with federal and state taxing authorities.

Specialized strategies in the area of tax litigation and practice before the Internal Revenue Service have been the hallmark of Gregory C. McCarthy since he started his practice in 1981. Success in these matters, achieved by dedication, responsiveness, skill and experience, has been cultivated through personal contacts and honed on an ever increasing knowledge of tax law and IRS systems.

Because of extensive practical experience as both an IRS agent and a tax attorney, McCarthy  can quickly determine the best course of action.  McCarthy’s early participation in significant tax matters has resulted in substantial savings to clients and greatly decreases the aggravation and frustration often experienced by other professionals who infrequently practice in this area of the law.

Gregory C. McCarthy welcomes your inquiry to determine if a more equitable solution, than what is presently available, can be reached.  The experience of Gregory C. McCarthy has shown that working in tandem with clients and meshing the talents of concerned professionals often results in the optimal solution.

Gregory C. McCarthy
St. Joseph’s University, B.A., 1972
Widener University Law School, J.D., 1980
Internal Revenue Service
Examination Division, 1972 – 1979
Criminal Investigation Division, 1979 – 1981

Admitted to Practice:

  • Supreme Court of the United States
  • Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
  • Third Circuit Court of Appeals
  • U.S. Court of Claims
  • U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania
  • U.S. Tax Court

Professional Memberships:

  • Pennsylvania Bar Association
  • Bucks County Bar Association

Community Activity:

  • President’s Award, Bucks County Bar Association
  • Mark E. Goldberg Award for Community Service, Bucks County Bar Association
  • Co-Founder and Initial Treasurer, Miracle League of Northampton Township, PA
  • Director, Central Bucks Family YMCA